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Popis vlastnosti elektromechanických klíčů:

  • možnost volby a rychlých změn kompetencí přístupu k jednotlivým zámkům celého uzamykacího systému
  • životnost baterie 20 000 zamknutí (asi 2 roky)
  • klíč i baterie jsou chráněny proti vlhkosti baterie zabudovaná v hlavě klíče (lithiový monočlánek CR 2025)
  • informace o stavu baterie a oprávněnosti přístupu k danému zámku na LCD displeji
  • dodává se ve třech provedeních:

E1 (určen pro použití i v extrémních povětrnostních podmínkách)

E2 (provedení E2 navíc s pamětí až na 100 událostí a funkcí hodin)

E3 (provedení E3 s programováním klíče a ostatními funkcemi stejnými jako u provedení E2)

vlastnosti elektromechanických cylindrických vložek:

elektromechanická uzamykací část zamyká pomocí pěti mechanických a jednoho elektronicky ovládaného stavítka a lišty s blokovacími kolíky možnost volby a rychlých změn kompetencí přístupu jednotlivých klíčů celého uzamykacího systému integrovaný paměťový čip certifikace dle ČSN P ENV 1627 ve 3. bezpečnostní třídě i 4. bezpečnostní třídě možnost použití tzv. prostupové spojky umožňující ovládání příslušnými klíči i v případě, že je z druhé strany v zámku zasunutý jiný klíč



VERSO CLIQ locking systems:


Mechatronic locking cylinder VERSO CLIQ

The majority of locking systems have two considerable weaknesses: continuous change in dynamic companies and organisations and the frequent loss of keys generate a lot of tedious work and considerable costs.

Not with VERSO CLIQ from IKON. The combination of a mechanism that has proved itself a million times over and the latest electronics means that this locking system can be adapted rapidly at minimum expense to suit changing conditions. Whether in companies or public buildings, universities or hospitals, VERSO CLIQ is the efficient solution offering a maximum in flexibility wherever organisations are on the move, employees change, departments move location, functions alter or access authority needs to be issued on a time-limited basis.

VERSO CLIQ is a intelligent system solution that simply adapts to changes through scanning, outputting and reprogramming. Programming units and the red programming keys replace subsequent orders, conversions and additional investments. And the power supply, communications and programming are all realised via the key.

However, VERSO CLIQ would not be an IKON product without the proverbial precision and practically unlimited equipment options, types and lengths to complement the electronics and reliable mechanism. It is also possible to combine mechanical and electromechanical locks in locking cylinders in any combinations, even on both sides of the same door.

All these positive characteristics are a good reason for a satisified smile. And VERSO CLIQ smiles at users every day, with the key rewarding anyone authorised and gaining access at the correct door with a friendly grin.


VERSO CLIQ is the mature locking system for mechtronic locking systems.
A single key for everything.
Loads of fun with the key which can actually smile.
So many advantages and yet so uncomplicated.
VERSO CLIQ is the key which saves you time.

VERSO CLIQ - System R12


Innovative IKON locking system with a combination of high-quality mechanical reversible key profile and intelligent microelectronics. Mechanical and mechatronical elements can be mixed free. Here the mechanical version offers 12 active working spring-mounted tumblers and two disabling strips, the mechatronical 5 active working spring-mounted tumblers, 1 disabling strip and 1 electromechanical locking element. Use of electronic creates in addition an extensive flexibility in and the possibility to cancel lost keys easy and self-financing from concerned cylinders. The system offers in addition approvals after DIN, VdS, SKG, BSI and for use in potentially explosive areas as well as in flexible modular systems for later lengths adjustment.

Product description
  • 12 tumblers on mechanical and 6 tumblers on mechatronical locking cylinder side after DIN 18252/2006, lock security class 6
  • VERSO CLIQ locking cylinder with two memory versions:
  • E1 with 100 memory places (a mix of electronical group and individual keys) and memory for the last 50 events
  • E2 with 1.000 memory places (a mix of electronical group and individual keys) and memory for the last 750 events
  • Note in BSI-list, BSI-TL 03400
  • EN 1303/2005, lock security class 6
  • EN 1303/2005, fire resistance category 1
  • DIN 18252/2006, class 80.
  • Optional VdS-approval, class B for locking systems (VdS 2386), with protection against drilling in connection with a security fitting with cylinder cover
  • Optional EX II 2 G-protection approval for danger through gas, SKG, 3 stars




Double cylinder VERSO CLIQ


Without key
Product description
  • Basic performance (V=M): the mechanical locking side locks with 12 mechanical segments and two disabling strips/Optionally available with drilling protection class 2 (AB=2) and emergency equipment with user key (GE=BS)
  • Basic performance (V=E..): the electrical locking side locks with five mechanical and one electromechanical tumbler segments and a disabling strip/With personalised and locking system coding/Integrated memory chip/Optionally available with anti-drilling protection class 2 (AB=2) and emergency equipment with operational key (GE=BS)
  • Closes on both sides
  • Brass cylinder housing components
  • Standard finish, satin nickel-plated (OF=MV)
  • Other surfaces: satin brushed (OF=MG), polished brass (OF=MP), matt chrome-plated (OF=MC)
  • Basic cylinder length 61mm (C) - A/B (L=30/30) – other installation lengths available - flexible modular system
  • Standard cam position (SST=30°)
  • Optionally available for use in potentially-explosive atmospheres in Zone 1 (Ex II 2G) ATEX=II 2G EX IB II C T4
  • Mechanical and electromechanical version can be combined on both sides
  • Cam made of break and corrosion-resistant nickel silver profile
Accessories/Individual parts
Compatible ASSA ABLOY products
Scope of delivery
  • 1 double cylinder
  • 1 cylinder fixing screw M5 x 85mm


Mechanical user key
"Basic" electromechanical user key
"Time" electromechanical user key
"Guest" electromechanical user key
"Beluga" electromechanical user key
Programming key - no locking function
Handover key


Software CLIQ Manager
Modern performance-orientated user software
CLIQ Manager Plus
Modern performance-orientated user software
CLIQ Planner
Modern performance-orientated user software
Programming device
Incl. USB connection cable and manual

VERSO CLIQ with new transponder chip provides even greater versatility


VERSO Transponder

“The trend towards using a single identifying tool for as many applications as possible in the field of locking and access control systems is continuously growing", confirms Alexander Kroll, Product Manager Mechatronics at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. “The VERSO CLIQ key is the perfect tool for this task." By combining VERSO CLIQ locking systems with transponder-based systems the security company in Berlin and Albstadt now provides the ideal combination for all applications where in addition to the security and flexibility of the electro-mechanical VERSO CLIQ locking systems, functions in the field of access, time management, cash and parking space management are required. “In this way, all functions in the building which are linked through identification can easily be standardized", explains Kroll. “Consequently internal company administrational expenses can be significantly reduced."





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